My macro photos grouped per day. Click on any of the photos below to go to the gallery of photos from that day. Check back regularly as I upload new sets of my (still extensive) backlog of shots taken and ready to be processed.

Loonse en Drunense Duinen, 07-jun-2024
Hortus Botanicus, Leiden, 01-jun-2024
Meijendel, 21-jun-2022
Home, 22-may-2022
Holterberg, 04-may-2022
Meijendel, 29-apr-2022
Scheveningse Bosjes, 21-apr-2022
Scheveningse Bosjes, 17-apr-2022
Zeisterbos, 27-sep-2021
Meijendel, 04-sep-2021
Ooijpolder, 20-aug-2021
Meijendel, 10-may-2024
St. Pietersberg, 08-jul-2021
Eyserbos, 07-jul-2021
De Elzen, 13-jun-2021
Meijendel, 01-jun-2021
Westduinpark, 28-may-2021
Westduinpark, 31-mar-2021
Hertenkamp, 30-mar-2021
Meijendel, 22-oct-2020
Meijendel, 10-sep-2020
Meijendel, 16-aug-2020
Meijendel, 22-jul-2020
Meijdendel, 13-jul-2020
Holterberg, 08-jul-2020
Westduinpark, 16-jun-2020
Meijendel, 25-may-2020
Hertenkamp, 08-may-2020
Meijendel, 03-may-2020
Meijendel, 23-apr-2020
Scheveningse Bosjes, 16-apr-2020
Meijendel, 08-apr-2020
Meijendel, 05-oct-2019
Westduinpark, 16-aug-2019
Westduinpark, 29-jul-2019
Eysterbos, 14-jul-2019
St. Pietersberg, 13-jul-2019
Westduinpark, 09-jul-2019
Westduinpark, 04-jul-2019
Westduinpark, 11-jun-2019
Westduinpark, 09-may-2019
De Elzen, 19-apr-2019
Westduinpark, 08-apr-2019
Westduinpark, 01-apr-2019
Westduinpark, 20-mar-2019
Westduinpark, 22-feb-2019
De Elzen, 16-oct-2018
Zeisterbos, 07-oct-2018
Scheveningse Bosjes, 27-sep-2018
St. Pietersberg, 29-aug-2018
De Doort, 28-aug-2018
Holterberg, 27-aug-2018
Meijendel, 27-jul-2018
Meijendel, 21-jul-2018
De Elzen, 14-jul-2018
Home, 13-jul-2018
Home, 05-jul-2018
De Elzen, 19-jun-2018
Meijendel, 20-may-2018
Meijendel, 14-may-2018
St. Pietersberg, 9-may-2018
Eusserthal, 07-may-2018
De Doort, 05-may-2018
Scheveningse Bosjes, 19-apr-2018
De Elzen, 14-april-2018
Meijendel, 19-december-2017
De Elzen, 14-october-2017
Meijendel, 27-september-2017
De Elzen, 22-september-2017
Posbank, 21-august-2017
Meijendel, 1-august-2017
Meijendel, 21-july-2017
De Elzen, 13-july-2017
Meijendel, 26-june-2017
Holterberg, 21-june-2017
Meijendel, 13-june-2017
Westduinpark, 24-may-2017
De Loet, 22-may-2017
Scheveningse Bosjes, 15-may-2017
Meijendel, 10-may-2017
De Elzen, 6-may-2017
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